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Panhead Album Projects

Welcome to the Panhead Album Project Portfolio. Here you’ll find a selection of our production work. Explore some of the projects we've been fortunate to work on and learn more about us and how we can be of service to you for your next production.

Panhead Productions & Music Publishing provides the following services

• Pre-production/Producing/Collaborations • Bands and solo recording projects • Mixing/Editing/Mastering • Industry consulting and coaching • Publishing & licensing •

As a specialist in world music, percussion, and the steel drum (pans) instrument, Panhead Music Studios is your one stop media center for getting Steel Drums recorded on your Web, TV, Album, or Film Project. We also have live steel bands of various sizes available for your event.

Follow the links on each project to listen, watch, and buy! Thank you, Joseph Peck.

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